Brief overview of Rakvere

Rakvere city is the largest city in Lääne-Virumaa and it is located at the heart of the county. Population of Rakvere is 15,747 people (based on 2016).
Rakvere city provides possibilities for completing upper secondary school, various sporting and cultural activities as well as for leisure time: 

  • City has nursery schools, schools, vocational school, institution of higher education
  • Sporting activities support the existence of a sports centre and a stadium, there are many active sports clubs. The city also has an illuminated hiking trail and ski track.
  • There is a cultural house, youth house, Rakvere Theatre and cinema.

For relaxation there is Aqva Hotel & Spa. Most important sights of Rakvere city are:
Rakvere Castle, Tarva statue, Police Museum, Rakvere manor and manor park.

Description of the industrial area

Total area: 23.74 ha, which includes 1.3 ha of business land (2 registered immovables) and 22.4 ha of production land (39 registered immovables)
Buildings: production lands are unimproved and business lands
partially improved
Ownership: municipal ownership

Utility networks of the Industrial area of Rakvere

Electricity: area is located in the connection zone, Eesti Energia AS (
Water and sewerage: connection points are mostly located at the borders of registered immovables (except some immovables, that require construction of an additional utility line for connection); Rakvere Vesi AS
Communications: city and the surrounding areas are covered by all of the major mobile network operators 
Cooling water: lack of sufficiently large water bodies 
Gas: no gas line, except near the Raudtee 29 and 31 registered immovables, Eesti Gaas AS
Access roads: the industrial area is accessible via asphalt roads suitable for industrial transport. Railway station is located nearby. Another advantage is access via illuminated non-motorised traffic routes.
Other: future plans also include access to the area via railway overpass, which is to be constructed. There is an unsurfaced runway and after it is renovated, it can be used by aircrafts servicing industrial companies.
Companies already operating in the industrial area: Jeld-Wen Eesti AS (, Rakiste Tehas AS (, Rakvere Vesi AS (
Detailed plan: available
Acquisition conditions: according to individual agreement
Contact: Rakvere Town Government, Tallinna mnt 5, 44306 Rakvere, tel: +372 322 5870,;