Food sector

The food industry is the leading sector in the county, mainly because of strong traditions, existing raw material (existence of arable land and farming system) and specific training of the workforce.

15 companies operate in the sector and largest ones in the area are: Rakvere Lihakombinaat AS, OG Elektra AS, Viru Õlu AS.
Number of engaged employees in the sector is ca 1,300
Sales revenue of the sector is 119 million euros
Export volume is 0.9 million euros
Business profit is ca 7.8 million euros

Food industry companies in Lääne-Virumaa

Rakvere Lihakombinaat AS (
Largest producer of meat products in the Baltic States 
Founded in 1944
Parent company is in Rakvere, 3 subsidiaries, 2 of them are located in the Baltic States
Number of employees in the group is ca 1,200, ca 900 in Rakvere
Turnover of the group in 2012 was ca 140 mln euros, export constitutes ca 30% of the turnover

OG Elektra Tootmine AS (
Belongs to the group AS OG Elektra and its main activity is the production and sale of food products in stores 
Founded in 1999 
Number of employees in the group is ca 1,000, ca 150 in OG Elektra Tootmine AS
Annual turnover of the group is ca 80 mln euros, company does not export products

Viru Õlu AS (
Producer of beer and soft drinks  
Founded in 1975
Danish brewery Harboes Bryggeri AS has been the major shareholder since 1992.
Production is located in Haljala
Approx. 80 employees
Company's turnover in 2012 was 8 mln euros, company exports its´products

Pihlaka AS (
Company produces pastry and culinary products
Founded in 1989.
Production is located in Rakvere 
Approx. 100 employees
Turnover in 2012 was ca 3,34 mln euros
Pihlaka's pastry chefs have been awarded many prizes in national competitions.

Päts OÜ (
Produces pastry products
Founded in 2012. 
Production is located in Rakvere
Approx. 15 employees
Company also has a pizza bar

Hagar AS (
Company produces pastry and bakary products
Founded in 1992.
Production is located in Tamsalu and Tapa 
Over 100 employees
Turnover in 2012 was ca 4,8 mln euros