Description of the metal industry sector

Production of metal products is a traditional sector in the county. Spare parts for larger industrial companies were often manufactured in local departments of factories.

Major companies in Lääne-Virumaa, which are based on Estonian capital, are Palmse Metall OÜ, Rakiste Tehas AS, Tamsalu EPT AS, Kunrex OÜ. Major investment company in Lääne-Virumaa is Kopar Baltik AS
Number of companies operating in the sector is ca 35 
Number of engaged employees in the sector is ca 200 
Sales revenue of the sector is 13 million euros
Export volume is 2.3 million euros
Business profit is 8.9 million euros 

Metal companies in Lääne-Virumaa

Palmse Metall OÜ (
Company manufactures and sells agricultural machinery
Founded in 2005.
Production is located in Võsupere, Vihula Parish 
Approx. 20 employees
Turnover in 2011 was ca 6,67 mln euros, company exports its´ products

Rakiste Tehas AS (
Company manufactures metal frame garden furniture, stamped details and light welded constructions
Founded in 1992.
Production is located in Rakvere 
Approx. 60 employees
Turnover in 2012 was 2,27 mln euros, company exports its´ products

Tamsalu EPT AS (
Company is engaged in metal works and manufactures agricultural, forestry and road-building machinery
Founded in 1950.
Production is located in Tamsalu town without municipal status, Tamsalu Parish 
Approx. 81 employees
Annual turnover of the company is ca 3.7 million euros, export of metal products constitutes approx. 70-80% of the turnover.

Kunrex OÜ (
Company's main activity is divided in two:  sale of workforce services and production of industrial and structural metal constructions and facilities including installation
Founded in 2003.
Production is located in Kunda  
Approx. 55 employees
Turnover in 2012 was 3,88 mln euros, company exports its´ products
In 2007 Kunrex OÜ reached the top 5 companies in the Estonian Competitiveness Chart.

Kopar Baltik OÜ (
Company is engaged in sheet metal works and it is a factory outsourced by the parent company
Founded in 2005.
Parent company is in Finland 
Production is located in Uhtna, Sõmeru Parish
Approx. 25 employees
Annual turnover of the group is ca 15.5 million euros, export constitutes approx. 90% of the turnover.