Brief overview of Sõmeru Parish

Sõmeru Parish is located in Lääne-Viru county in the vicinity of Rakvere city and it is one the most densely populated areas in the county. Population of the parish is approx. 3,400 people. Sõmeru is located 5 km from Rakvere, 98 km from Tallinn, 132 km from Tartu and 114 km from Narva.
Sõmeru Parish is a socially safe and attractive living environment:

  • basic school and nursery school in Sõmeru and Uhtna six youth and village centres senior day centres in Sõmeru and Ubja
  • libraries in Sõmeru and Uhtna, club in Sõmeru, museum in Ubja
  • health centre, dentist and pharmacy in Sõmeru
  • nursing home in Uhtna.

Sõmeru Parish is a diversely developed business area, which is Characterised by a large proportion of foreign investors, Favourable logistic location and qualified workforce. Main activities include agriculture, construction, metal processing and timber industry. In 2013 the construction of the most powerful grain elevator in Estonia was completed in Roodevälja.

Description of the Roodevälja-Aluvere industrial area

Total area: 86 ha (6 registered immovables)
Buildings: no buildings
Ownership: municipal ownership, private ownership, state land

Utility networks of the industrial area of Sõmeru Parish

Electricity: Tallinn-Kiisa 330 kV power line crosses the parish. There are necessary substations 300 m from the border of the registered immovable. Elektrilevi OÜ
Water and sewerage: there are bore wells at the border of the registered immovable, Rakvere Vesi AS
Heating: Rakvere Soojus AS
Communications: Sõmeru Parish is covered by all of the major mobile network operators.
Cooling water: lack of sufficiently large water bodies
Gas: parish includes a medium pressure and low pressure gas line. There are free resources. There is a gas pressure reducing station in Roodevälja village. Eesti Gaas AS
Access roads: the industrial area is accessible via asphalt roads suitable for industrial transport. Rail connection between Tallinn-Narva and Rakvere-Kunda. The closest port is in Kunda at a distance of 25 km.
Companies already operating in the industrial area: There are no active companies in the industrial area. PMÜ Kevili, AS Roodevälja Terminal and OÜ Tsevat operate at the adjacent registered immovables.
Detailed plan: available for some of the registered immovables
Acquisition conditions: according to individual agreement
Contact: Sõmeru Municipality Government, Kooli 2 Sõmeru alevik Lääne-Viru county
Tel: +372 329 5944, e-mail:, homepage: