Brief overview of Tamsalu Parish

Tamsalu Parish is located at the Pandivere upland in the south-west area of Lääne-Viru county, 100 km fromTallinn and Tartu and 30 km from Rakvere. The town of Tamsalu is the centre of the parish.
The town of Tamsalu is a centre with developed technical and social infrastructure. Population of Tamsalu Parish is 4,000 people.
Parish provides possibilities for acquiring education, various sporting and cultural activities as well as for leisure time:

  • Parish has two nursery schools, a basic school and an upper secondary school
  • There is a sports centre (swimming pool, sports halls and a hostel) and illuminated ski and health tracks
  • Parish has a cultural house, libraries and a limestone museum.
  • Lake Porkuni recreational area is a popular place among holiday-makers

As a result of the cooperation between four parishes in the Pandivere area, the non-profit association Pandivere Arendus- ja Inkubatsioonikeskus (Pandivere Development And Incubation Center) was established.

Description of the industrial area

Tamsalu is best suitable for the following industries - manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment production, manufacture of construction, plastic and wood products, transport and logistics, electronics and electrical equipment, food production.

 Total area: 70 ha, which includes 15 ha of available area (36 registered immovables)

Buildings: available registered immovables are unimproved
Ownership: municipal ownership


Utility networks of the industrial area of Tamsalu Parish

Electricity: substation is located 500 m from the industrial area, substation capacity is 35/10 kV, Tiigi Keskus AS
Water and sewerage: resource with drinking water quality 1640 m3/d, capacity of the wastewater treatment system is 800 m3 of water in 24h; wastewater and sewerage are located at the border of the available area, Tamsalu Vesi AS
Heating: service provider is Tamsalu Kalor AS (, price of heating incl. VAT is 60.50 eur/MWh
Communications: town and the surrounding areas are covered by multiple mobile network operators
Cooling water: lack of sufficiently large water bodies nearby
Gas: no gas line
Access roads: the industrial area is accessible via asphalt roads suitable for industrial transport. Asphalt road is located at the border of the available area. Tallinn-Tartu railway crosses Tamsalu. Industrial area is connected to the railway, that crosses Tamsalu, via sidings.
Other: Tamsalu industrial area includes grain elevators with total capacity of 108,000 tons
Companies already operating in the industrial area: Tiigi Keskus AS, E-Betoonelement AS (, Kunda Mobil AS and others.
Detailed plan: available
Acquisition conditions: according to individual agreement
Contact: Tamsalu Municipality Government, tel: +372 3228434; e-mail:;