Brief overview of Tapa Parish

Tapa Parish is the most southern rural municipality in Lääne-Virumaa and is located in the outskirts of Pandivere upland and Kõrvemaa. Population of Tapa is 7,578 people (based on 2016).
Tapa Parish provides possibilities for completing upper secondary school, various sporting and cultural activities as well as for leisure time:

  • Parish has nursery schools, schools, music school
  • There is a sports centre (swimming pool, wrestling room, gym, climbing wall, ball court, running track) and illuminated ski and health tracks
  • Parish also has a cultural house, library, museum and the Tapa Cultural Chamber
  • Health service is provided by Tapa Hospital.

The town of Tapa in Tapa Parish is an important national defence centre – Tapa Training Center of the Estonian Defence Forces operates here and the Defence Forces central training area is being established on the north border of the rural municipality.

Description of the industrial area

Total area: 50 ha (9 registered immovables)
Buildings: unimproved
Ownership: Municipal ownership, private ownership, state ownership

Utility networks of the industrial area of Tapa Parish

Electricity: located at the borders of registered immovables, 2 x 1000 kVA + 630 kVA, Eesti Energia AS (
Water and sewerage: connection points are mostly located at the borders of registered immovables, maximum capacity (20 m3 per hour), service provided by Tapa Vesi AS (
Heating: service provided by Termoring Grupp OÜ, Tapa Mill AS (
Communications: town and the surrounding areas are covered by all of the major mobile network operators
Cooling water: lack of sufficiently large water bodies nearby
Gas: no gas line
Access roads: the industrial area is accessible via asphalt roads suitable for industrial transport.
Companies already operating in the industrial area: Tapa Mill AS (
Detailed plan: completed
Acquisition conditions: according to individual agreement
Contact: Tapa Municipality Government, tel: +3273229658, e-mail:,



Form of ownership

Karja 1

0,92 ha

Municipal ownership

Karja 9

2,24 ha

Municipal ownership

Väike Karja 2

3,56 ha

Municipal ownership

Karja 6

13 ha

State land

Karja 2

0,7 ha

State land

Tiigi 6

2,2 ha

State land

Paide mnt 86

8,4 ha

Private ownership for sale

Karja põik 6

1,84 ha

Private ownership for sale

Karja põik 8

3,97 ha

Private ownership for sale

Tapa Logistics Park in the industrial area of Tapa Parish

Address: Karja tn 8, Tapa, Lääne-Virumaa 
Total area of the territory: 201,000 m2 
Number of finished buildings: 6 
Total area of buildings: finished warehouses 40,000m2 
Number of rooms: 30 storage rooms 
Areas of rooms: 900 - 1,600 m2 
Useful height: 5.3 - 5.7 m 
Loading conditions: Vehicle loading platform, railway loading platforms (1,080 m, 76 wagons), loading doors (3 m x 3 m)
Office and rest rooms: available  
Warehouse rental price: 1,6 EUR/ m2/ per month 
Additional charges: utilities, VAT 
Contact: Riina Männik, manager of the Tapa Logistics Park, tel: +372 32 71 101, GSM: +372 52 90 741, e-mail:, ttp://