Description of the transport and logistics sector sector

Transport companies operate near the major production centres – near Rakvere and Kunda. Many transport companies have expanded their services to foreign markets.

Number of companies operating in the sector is ca 200
Major companies in the county are Lajos AS, Kunda Trans AS, Kunda Auto AS, Egesten Transport OÜ
Number of engaged employees in the sector is ca 1,000
Sales revenue is 66 million euros
Export volume is 7.3 million euros
Business profit is 5.4 million euros

Transport companies in Lääne-Virumaa

Lajos AS (
Company's main activities include provision of transport services in Estonia and Europe, repair and car wash service for trucks and cars, sales of car accessories and spare parts
Founded in 1992.
The office, shop and workshop are located in Kunda 
Approx. 65 employees
Turnover in 2011 was 7.5 million euros
Company is a member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kunda Trans AS
Company's main activity is rail transport
Founded in 1997. 
Approx. 40 employees
Turnover in 2012 was 2.7 million euros, export constitutes 9% of the turnover

Egesten Transport OÜ (
Company's main activity is the provision of domestic transport services, the company also has an international transport permit 
Founded in 2001.
In 2009 the company was divided in three according to the fields of activity: transport services, vehicle repairs and inspection and agricultural construction
Approx. 30 employees
Turnover in 2012 was 2,9 million euros

Kunda Auto AS (
Company's main activities include the provision of road transport services and technical maintenance and repair of trucks, the company also has an international transport permit. Founded in 1990. 
The car repair shop is located in Kunda 
Turnover in 2012 was 1,1 mln euros