Education and qualification of the workforce in Lääne-Virumaa

In addition to the local workforce the labour market area also includes the parishes of Ida-Virumaa, Harjumaa, Järvamaa and Jõgevamaa, which are adjacent to Lääne-Viru county.

According the data of 2011, the county has most specialists in the following fields of activity:
Food industry, timber industry, metal industry, electronics industry - ca 3,100 engaged
Wholesale and retail business, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles – ca 2,100 engaged
Agriculture, forest management and fishing industry - ca 1,400 engaged
Construction – ca 1,000 engaged
Transportation and storage – ca 1,000 engaged
Health and social welfare - ca 700 engaged

Training of the employees and acquiring qualification in the county is mainly supported by the Rakvere Vocational School (
The following specialists are being trained in the county:

  • cook
  • tourism organizer
  • CNC machine operator
  • hospitality service
  • steel worker
  • logistic
  • machine operator
  • carpenter-log house builder
  • car technician
  • IT system & support specialist
  • welder

The vocational school recently opened a vehicle repair garage and a modern educational restaurant, where students can put the acquired knowledge into practice.
The great advantage of Rakvere Vocational School is its readiness to offer new specialties in order to support the development of the area.
Lääne-Virumaa also has an educational institution for disabled persons, who are able to find work after completing their studies.